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riverbed rings collection 2

Oct. release date to be announced!

If you've been following me this year, you'll know that I've created this design to honor my brother, who we lost earlier this year. This is the second collection of these rings. I loaded this batch with watery toned gemstones, as well as some ivory creek variscite. These are a little smaller scale than the first batch.

I had to make this series because I couldn't stop thinking about rocks... and rivers. The rocky creek on our place runs fast and deep in the spring. Our house, a farmhouse built in 1900, sits on a property that was the old riverbed...the land is full of river rocks. My brother was the best fisherman I know. He spent many, many happy hours fishing the rivers of Oregon and Wyoming, as well as the Oregon Coast. Bringing these gemstones together; each one fits to create a whole, beautiful... healing...mosaic, reminiscent of a riverbed.

For me, this has been a year of searching for peace. And so, I've built peace and love into every piece. My intention for the wearer is that, in a world of strife and pain, a glance at these pieces will remind you of the Maker of all things, and that peace and love are attainable and never far away.


A tiny, hand-sawn Chinook salmon has been added to the back of each ring. Each one commemorates many happy hours of hiking, boating and fishing. These are like a secret message for the wearer, conjuring river, sea and sky. Each piece is accented with one or two stars and/or drops, representing starfish, raindrops and the fragments found among the rocks of the riverbed. The backs and bands are also textured with a pattern like a flowing water. Honoring the outdoorsman...the fisherman. Each one includes my maker’s mark, on the back.

what my customers are saying...


Just had to let you know that I received the earrings today (that I purchased from your etsy shop )and  I was totally, completely blown away by the beauty of these pieces!. Such exquisite craftsmanship and perfect choice of stones and metal in each piece. They are both unique and lovely in their own delicate way. I was so pleased by these pieces that I went back to your shop and purchased 2 more! Can't wait to see the next pairs of earrings I ordered..I'm sure I won't be disappointed!


These pieces have souls.  I'm not Christian, but in your jewelry I'm able to see the beauty, joy, connection, comfort and grounding your faith brings to you, and it's a beautiful thing to behold.


Just wanted to let you know that I received my beautiful earrings, and am happier than ever now that I see them in real life. They are truly beautiful! Thank you for taking the time, a long time ago, to talk to me about your creative process using religious items. You made me think and open my mind in a way that helped me to allow myself to be comfortable with my religion and who I am.  Your kind words and your blog are always inspiring. 

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