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Relic Ring: Registration open

Altering the Past-mini class! Registration is open.

As an artist, jewelry designer, author and instructor, my ambition is to help you develop excellent technical skills and inspire you to greater creative depth in your jewelry making adventures. If you're interested in taking an e-course from me, scroll down and click a photo or the "see more" arrow.

Join me and we'll create a beautiful ring that looks like it may have been found in an archaeological dig. I'll show you how to achieve a wonderful texture that will give your piece the look of an ancient relic. Sawing, filing, texturing, forming, soldering and finishing are all techniques will all be covered in this fun workshop.

Soldering can be intimidating, but not in this class! Learn to create gorgeous, bezel-set gemstone rings. We'll walk through every step of construction, from stone selection to stone setting, and everything in between. 

Fall in love with the fascinating process of creating links. Wirework can be challenging but I'll show you my many tips and tricks to turn out perfect links, every time. We'll cover over 20 links in this class: classic as well as some of my own design.

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Found objects+design=jewelry making magic. In this class, I'll show you how to work the elements and principles of design into beautiful pieces of jewelry. Strong on design, this class is also loaded with technique as well as exciting "design challenges" for the students to work through.

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Looking for closure? Every jewelry maker should have an arsenal of handmade closures that make their jewelry stand out. In this class, I'll show you how to create beautiful closures, crimps and clasps.

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Interested in creating your own beautiful bezels, from scratch? Love the idea of torch soldering but don't know where to start? Want to learn the many tips and techniques for working with two-part resin? This is the class for you! 

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Fresh, feminine and a little bit funky, my BoHo Hoops are your perfect accessory.  These will sweep against your neck and tickle your fancy….make you want to twirl.  Build them plain for a simple, classic hoop or add gemstones for a glimmer of color. Lots of technique in this class!

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I'm thrilled to offer one of my most popular in-person classes...now online! This one was always sold out. We'll be using metal, wire, resin, beads and paper...all of your favorite things...for these elegant bangles. Join me as we create an armful of gorgeous boho style blossoms. 

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Looking to expand your basic jewelry making skills?  Want to ensure that your jewelry has that finished look essential to truly beautiful jewelry? Interested in learning about what makes good jewelry design? Welcome to The Build Zone! 

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Learn to create, and keep, the journal you've always wanted. You'll learn my techniques for altering and embellishing cabinet cards, for a unique cover. Crayons, pencils, paints, stamps, inks and more, are our instruments of play as we collage, stitch, transfer and wrap our way into a mixed media extravaganza.

Registration is open!

In Altering the Past, I'll show you how to create my beautiful altered cabinet cards. We'll be collaging and painting real antique cabinet cards using paints, inks, papers, ephemera, stamps, rub ons and more. You'll have indefinite access to this video workshop. Available only through my Etsy shop.

Registration is open! Class dates: Oct 27, 2017-Jan 07, 2018

I'm so pleased to offer the first in my Ornamental Christmas series of online classes. An Ornamental Christmas is an annual holiday event.
In The Merry Men of Winter, I'll show you how to make the most adorable snowman, ever...to be used in a diorama or as a necklace. Get your glitter on!

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My Ornamental Christmas is a series of online classes celebrating the joy of Christmas!
In Angels on High, we'll create lovely mixed media angels made with a variety of vintage embellishments. These are gorgeous gracing a Christmas tree and perfect to give as gifts.

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