1. a surviving memorial of something past

2. an object having interest by reason of its age or its association with the past

3. a surviving trace of something

The creative impetus behind my Relic Ring design began with the idea of pressure...the vise grip of two had surfaces...a rock and a hard place. I wanted this setting to be something unique; a pressure setting, but not. A clean, simple setting to show off the stone; perfect in it's imperfection. In keeping with the characteristics of a true relic, I've textured the silver to mimic something treasured; long buried, but now found. During the process of creating, each ring is impressed with traces of the making. From my hands, to yours. With love.

Hand textured sterling, faceted aquamarine, fabricated, size 7 1/2: adjustable to a larger size or 1/2 size smaller.

Relic Ring-Faceted Aquamarine