Big, beautiful, basket weave! For this unique setting, I was greatly inspired by one of the oldest and most widespread crafts, basket weaving. For centuries, craftsmen have shaped and woven pliable materials into vessels to hold everything from babies to water. As a metalsmith, I've adapted classic weaving techniques for my own purposes. Strands of silver are painstakingly twined to cradle the stone in a nest-like setting. Each weaving takes hours to complete from start to finish. From my hands to yours. With love.

Vesuvianite, also known as idocrase, was named for deposits originally found at Mt. Vesuvius, Italy. Typically, it is green but is also found in brown, yellow or blue. This piece is a deep, root beer brown and is a large stone; approximately 37mm by 32mm.

Sterling, roughly faceted vesuvianite, hand-stamped ring band, size 8-adjustable to a larger size or 1/2 size smaller.

Basket Weave Bezel Ring-Vesuvianite