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Blue Beryl Folded Bezel Ring Sz 9

Blue Beryl Folded Bezel Ring Sz 9


Icy blue beryl, is a cousin to aquamarine. This piece is a beautiful, rose cut piece in a gorgeous, light, sky blue. It's set in my unique, silver folded bezel setting. This setting makes for a simple but one-of-a-kind piece. The edges are hand textured. The band is hand forged from a vintage die. All silver marked with my artist's hallmark. This ring best fits a size 9 and is not adjustable. The face of the ring is approximately 15mm by 10mm.


+About beryl:

Pure beryl is a colorless gemstone but it is frequently tinted by impurities. It's found in blue, green, pink, yellow, and rarely, red. Emerald and aquamarine are varieties of beryl.


+All sterling. Genuine gemstones. Hallmarked. One-of-a-kind. Hand built in the heart of the West.


+ Details: 

All pieces are slowly and carefully handmade, in my studio in Sheridan, Wyoming. Because of this, each piece is unique and may contain the slight imperfections that you would expect with a handcrafted item. Perfectly imperfect!

+ As with all handmade jewelry, please be mindful to take care of it. It should not be worn in the pool, shower, while cleaning, during strenuous activities such as sports, or in the water.

+ Sun, heat, lotions, sunscreen and chemicals can affect stones negatively. Clean silver (not stones) with a gentle polishing cloth, especially for jewelry (Sunshine polishing cloth is recommended).

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