If you've been following me this year, you'll know that I've created this design to honor my brother, who passed, earlier this year. This design came about because I couldn't stop thinking about rocks... and rivers. The rocky creek on our place runs fast and deep in the spring. Our house, a farmhouse built in 1900, sits on a property that was the old riverbed...the land is full of river rocks. My brother was the best fisherman I know. He spent many, many happy hours fishing the rivers of Oregon and Wyoming, as well as the Oregon coast. These pieces were created in the process of seeking peace, in a world where it sometimes seems there is little. Each piece is imbued with prayer, peaceful intention and healing.


This is the second small batch of these…carefully crafted in all sterling and gemstones. I’ve loaded this batch with tons of gems in greens and blues, representative of heaven and earth, water and sky, spirit and wind. The embellishments are symbolic of coastal starfish, raindrops and stars in a deep night sky. These are a little smaller scale than the first batch, each one with its tiny Chinook salmon, and my maker's mark, on the back. Completely hand built, in my studio in the heart of the west.


"I will miss seeing his face and hearing his voice and knowing he was always close to me. He has crossed a river from me that I must wait to cross before I see him again. When I see a river I will think of him."

Terry Kay


+ About this ring:  The only one of this batch with a new lander stone. New lander is actually a chalcosiderite and is a cousin to turqouise. This much sought after stone is known for it's striking spiderweb pattern and is mined in only a few places in the USA. This ring is also set with a lovely, deep teal colored, rose-cut faceted kyanite, as well as a faceted, bright green chalcedony (one of my favorite stones). Sterling embellishments are all hand made. The back and band are imprinted with texture reminiscent of a flowing river and on the back is my tiny, hand-sawn chinook salmon. Ring face is approx 29mm by 28mm. Size 8 1/2, adjustable up or down one size. Please contact me immediately after purchase if you need the ring size adjusted.


All sterling. Hand built. Hallmarked. One-of-a-kind.


+ Details:

+ All pieces are slowly and carefully handmade, in my studio in Sheridan, Wyoming. Because of this, each piece is unique and may contain the slight imperfections that you would expect with a handcrafted item. Perfectly imperfect!

+ As with all handmade jewelry, please be mindful to take care of it. It should not be worn in the shower, while cleaning, during strenuous activities such as sports, or in the water. Lotions and chemicals can affect stones negatively. Clean silver (not stones) with a gentle polishing cloth, especially for jewelry (Sunshine polishing cloth is recommended).

chrysoprase, kyanite, new lander riverbed ring-sz 8 1/2 adjustabl

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