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Memento Mori sterling winged effigy necklace 2

Memento Mori sterling winged effigy necklace 2


+About this piece:

From my Memento Mori collection, this delicate necklace features a silver winged effigy, also called a soul effigy, with sterling face and wings. The soul effigy is representative of the flight of the soul from one realm to another; earth to heaven, and represents the transition the soul makes on that journey. Meant as a reminder that life is short, and to live it well, the soul effigy is the soul in flight. The clasp is handmade and my hallmark is attached with a hand wrapped facted pyrite bead. Approximately 18 1/2 inches.


All sterling. Hallmarked. One-of-a-kind. Hand built in the heart of the West.


+About the collection:

Memento mori..."remember death", or, "remember you must die" an ancient concept. While it may seem a bit morbid to our modern-day minds, in reality, memento mori pieces are meant to remind one that life is short and we must live to our fullest, best and most moral potential. It's really about the struggle within, between good and evil, and a reminder that life's vanities are transitory. Memento mori objects are meant to invoke quiet reflection on the ways in which we can live better, and die well. Rather than a morbid perspective, memento mori pieces carry a message of hope, inspiration and encouragement.


My memento mori collection was inspired by the idea of spiritual improvement. Early American gravestones we're often beautifully carved with images of skulls with wings, faces with wings (death's heads and winged effigies), and sometimes the words "memento mori". This is where my original inspiration for this collection came from. "So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom" Ps 90:12


+ Details: 

All pieces are slowly and carefully handmade, in my studio in Sheridan, Wyoming. Because of this, each piece is unique and may contain the slight imperfections that you would expect with a handcrafted item. Perfectly imperfect!

+ As with all handmade jewelry, please be mindful to take care of it. It should not be worn in the shower, while cleaning, during strenuous activities such as sports, or in the water.

+ Sun, heat, lotions and chemicals can affect stones negatively. Clean silver (not stones) with a gentle polishing cloth, especially for jewelry (Sunshine polishing cloth is recommended).

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