Handmade Tyrone Turquoise Rainbow Serpent Earrings

Handmade Tyrone Turquoise Rainbow Serpent Earrings


Tyrone turquoise is mined outside Silver City, New Mexico, in the American Southwest. It's a hard turquoise ranging from soft to bright blue. This mine is one of the oldest in the country and was originally a copper mine but turquoise was discovered and produced as a by-product. In the 80's the production method for mining copper was changed to one that destroys the turquoise. Tyrone is therefore highly collectible. These earrings are set with semi-rough face Tyrone in sterling silver bezels. The soft, sky-blue color really pops against any hair color and the way the stones were cut, leaving some of the rough exposed, is interesting and beautiful. The small stones held in the serpent's tail are also Tyrone. The snakes, like the rest of the earrings, are completely hand fabricated: shaped, stamped soldered, patinaed and soldered. Swingy and long, yet lightweight, these are the perfect everyday earrings. I've used double jump rings for stability and safety. Textured back because the back should be beautiful too!Just under 3 inches from the top of the ear wire to the bottom of the longest snake. Ear wires are sterling.


Small batch. All sterling. Beautiful stones. One-of-a-kind. Hand built in the heart of the West.


+ Details:

+ All pieces are slowly and carefully handmade, in my studio in Sheridan, Wyoming. Because of this, each piece is unique and may contain the slight imperfections that you would expect with a handcrafted item. Perfectly imperfect!

+Each piece is marked with my maker's mark. Earrings are sometimes difficult t