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Back in the day, those cross country family vacations, stuck in the back of a hot car. Until...on the side of the road appears an old-time trading post. Even in those days, I was fascinated with jewelry; especially native American jewelry. The pieces in this collection are faintly reminiscent of that trading post feel. Included are two different earring designs.

About Rainbow Serpent: The snake is a symbol with great meaning in many cultures. For native Americans it's a symbol of life, rebirth and spiritual power. For the Aboriginal people of Australia, the rainbow snake is an immortal being. The connection between the snake and rainbow suggests the cycle of seasons and a connection to water. When a rainbow is in the sky, it's said to be the rainbow serpent, traveling from one watering hole to another. Of course, in Christianity, satan appears in the guise of a snake to trick mankind and is a symbol of evil...with the rainbow representing God's promise, and hope, to mankind.

About Waterfall: Each stone was carefully chosen, by me, and specifically placed to compliment each other. The flowing arrangement of stones in these earrings reminds me of the waterfalls of the Pacific Northwest, where I'm originally from. Each pair of these earrings features gemstones set, one over the other, in a cascading style.

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