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Custom Jewelry


made to order

Did you fall in love with one of my pieces but it's not available? Contact me for a custom order! Below are some of my specialties but I can work with you to create whatever you have in mind.

made to order Elk Ivory Jewelry

Elk have two "teeth," located in the front, that are thought to be remnants of tusks from prehistoric times. They're actual ivory and make some beautiful jewelry.  I can use your ivories from a hunt or animal that you want to honor, or I can make you a piece with ivories that I have in stock. Wait time is approximately three weeks.

wapiti ring 4.jpg

made to Folded Bezel

My unique, silver folded bezel setting is perfect for gemstones, and turquoise, alike. This setting makes for a simple but one-of-a-kind piece.


made to order Warrior necklace


I'm offering a very limited number of custom orders for my Warrior necklace. I know there are a lot of you out there who need encouragement in the fight. If this piece speaks to you, I can help you choose stones and either a cross design or a feather design. These are completely hand fabricated from start to finish. Please contact me for stone availability and pricing. Wait time is now at about three weeks.


made to order Gem Slice Earrings


Custom orders for my Gem Slice earrings are now open. I'd be happy to design a pair specifically for you. Completely hand crafted from start to finish, they're available in three styles: teardrop, captured gem or multiple gemstone, carefully set in silver prongs. Please contact me for stone availability and pricing.

green garnet 2.jpg
narrow sapphires 1.jpg

made to order Waterfall earrings


Waterfall earrings are ompletely hand crafted from start to finish, they're available in three, four or more gemstone cascades. Each stone is carefully chosen to enhance the others and set into handmade sterling settings. Please contact me for stone availability and pricing.

waterfall 2.jpg
totem 1d.jpg
totem 1.jpg
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