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 Each piece of my jewelry is personally designed and hand crafted, in my studio, in Wyoming. All of my online classes are carefully filmed, edited and presented by me, with emphasis on quality and a sense of being right there in my studio, with me. I'm a one woman show from start to finish. With that in mind, the following policies are meant to help things run more smoothly.

+How to buy: I sell my jewelry, stones and classes right here, from my shop. You'll find the link at the top and bottom of each page of my website. Because my jewelry is created by hand, in small batches, I don't have a constant inventory of pieces. I typically release small collections, when they're ready, on a predetermined date and time, here on my website, in the shop. I aim for once a month shop updates, but that isn't always possible.

+Jewelry: I do my best to describe each piece of jewelry in detail. Ring and bracelet sizes, and necklace lengths are described to the best of my ability. Earring posts and wires are always a standard 20 gauge, which is the most comfortable. Before buying, please read descriptions carefully, especially sizes and measurements. Pieces may not be returned due to wrong size, length or buyer's remorse. Please read through my policies before purchase.

+Stone sales: Stone sales include stones that I've personally curated and am delighted to be able to share at a great price point. I have a lot of fun hunting down special stone treasures for my students and customers. I am not a professional stone dealer but I do try to provide honest and detailed descriptions of each stone, to the best of my ability. Stone sales are periodic, with the time and date being announced via newsletter and my facebook page. If there are no stones showing in the shop, that means we've sold out. High speed internet is very helpful when attending sales.

+Online classes: It's been my joy and pleasure to teach, online and in person, for going on 12 years now. As a pioneer in the field of online jewelry making classes, I've been happy to share my techniques with many, many students. For now, each class is offered for a limited time. I hope to change this, in the future, with a different class platform. For policies on my classes, please click here and take a look at each individual class.


+Shopping: Sales can be fast and furious. If you come to the site ahead of time, there may be a password required. As soon as the sale opens, there will be NO password required. If you have trouble entering the site, please hit the refresh button and/or restart your computer. If you're coming through a bookmark or link and you can't get in, try typing the website into your browser bar and entering that way. If there are sold out items in your cart, delete them, otherwise the site won't allow the sale to go through.


+Notifications: The best way to find out about jewelry releases, stone sales and classes is to sign up for my newsletter. I will also announce releases on my social media; facebook and instagram pages. Custom jewelry work is not available at this time. Thank you so much for your support and patience!

+Payment: Payment is via Paypal, only. Buyer is responsible for any postage and/or refund fees. In the event of a refund, Paypal does charge a refund fee, for which the buyer is responsible.

+Shipping: Shipping costs change frequently and are variable, depending on location. Packages will ship first class, USPS, with minimal insurance. This means there will be a tracking number but customers are responsible for tracking their packages, if necessary. I'll do my best to help with lost or delayed packages but I have no control over what happens once they leave my hands. I am not responsible for lost, delayed or damaged packages. Buyer is responsible to track packages, and file a claim for lost packages, if necessary. Pieces are packed 1-2 days after purchase, then shipped. Shipping should take between 3-5 days, within the USA, and will take considerably longer out of country or during holidays. Multiple items will be packed and shipped together, when possible and combined shipping overages will be refunded, where applicable. 


Jewelry: Please note: pieces may not be returned due to wrong size, length or buyer's remorse. To avoid returns, please read descriptions carefully. Most issues can be resolved before purchase, by reading the descriptions carefully.

Online classes: Due to the nature of my online classes, refunds will not be given once the log on information is sent. No exceptions.

Stone sales: Returns are not accepted but I'm willing to review issues on a case by case basis. If you have an issue with your stone order, you must contact me within one day of receipt.

In the case of a refund (except a refund for combined shipping costs), Paypal does charge a fee for refunds, which the customer will be responsible for. If you are sincerely dissatisfied with your purchase, there is something wrong, or a mistake on my end, please contact me immediately and I'll do my very best to rectify the situation. My deep desire is for my customers to be thrilled with their purchases and I'll do everything I can, to that end.

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