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As a pioneer in the field of online jewelry making classes, and an instructor with over 15 years of experience in teaching, my ambition is to help you develop excellent technical skills and inspire you to greater creative depths in your jewelry making adventures. For more information on my jewelry making classes, click the link below, then sign up for my newsletter.

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online classes

now with lifetime access!

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welcome to my studio!

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Your goal is my goal!

I've been an instructor for many years and, during that time, my passion for teaching has only grown. I've found online classes to be a fantastic way to help my students become proficient in the skill and craft of jewelry making. My goal is for my students to be able to design and create confidently, safely and independently.


Your success is my success!

  • Lifetime access: high quality, highly detailed videos available 24/7.

  • Online: Well organized site with plenty of videos and sample photos, as well as written instruction and advice.

  • Resources: with photos and links! Complete video, and print, tools and materials overview, advice and resources.

  • Coaching: Access to an experienced instructor; support and advice every step of the way.

  • Community: Private social media for chat, Q&A and posting photos. My workshops are fluid, work-at-your-own-pace classes with a friendly, classroom atmosphere.

lifetime access!

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build a solid foundation of skills

"In true Deryn Mentock fashion, these videos and instruction are primo!!! I encourage anyone who is on the fence to LEAP! You will not regret it!"


what my students have said...



I shall take every class you give online and buy any stone you offer for sale. Your classes are state-of-the-art, and your jewelry art is indeed divine. I expect that one day I’ll have the joy of learning from you in person. Until then, know that your charisma comes right on through the WiFi.



THANK YOU! All I can say is that this class has been the BEST!!!!!!!! The best I've ever taken and can't wait for the next. What a bang for the buck! There is not one thing more that you could have showed or taught us on these wonderful earring lessons, making learning easy and fun. You packed in sooo much information and never tired in answering any of our questions. The class felt very personal. Replaying the video's made it easy to fine tune our endeavors. You went out of your way and it seems to me that it was easy for you because you are so generous with all of your knowledge. So sharing. Very rare. You left no information out. One can easily see that you love your art profession and it radiates energy from within you and gives such confidence to all of us. God bless you. You are a "gift" my friend.

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 This is my 2nd online class for rings by Deryn. She is without a doubt one of the best teachers. I had taken courses at our city "craft center" for almost twice the money and had a tough time getting enough information, hands on, and never really got to see instructor demos cause everyone was always crowding around and/or taking up the instructors time. Deryn's videos are like you're the only one, and you're actually in the studio with her. I can't say enough about her abilities to communicate in such detail.

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