A great selection of stones, personally curated by me and reasonably priced. You won't be disappointed. I find them so you don't have to!


shop here + 1/10/21



Our next stone sale is right here, in the shop, Sunday, Jan. 10, 2021...at noon mountain time.

This will be a fantastic batch of small and tiny gemstones of all types. We have some gorgeous garnet, faceted rainbow moonstone, faceted moss aquamarine, sunstone, kyanite, rose cut pietersite, amazing orbed ocean jasper and so much more. Many of these will be arranged in groups of stones that coordinate with each other...almost like a pre-designed piece. By the way...I try really hard to keep my stones priced reasonably; you won't be disappointed.


There are some beauties in this grouping. We can't wait to show you!

Please do take a look at my policies page before attending the sale.

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