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Gemstone Shard + Gem Slice Earrings

Now accepting custom orders for Gem Slice earrings. Click here!
gem slice earrings.jpg


Gem Slice Earrings: Silver teardrop hoops with a slice of luscious gemstone color. My Gem Slice earrings are hand shaped from sterling silver. The prong setting allows lots of light to come through, showing the real beauty of the gemstones.


Gemstone Shard Earrings:

From my studio in the foothills of the beautiful Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. I've always had an affinity for rocks. The gemstones in my Shard collection make me think of the many happy hours I've spent rock hunting. Rough gemstones...a fragment from a beautiful whole...a little piece of magic. All are set in hand built sterling prong settings.

All sterling. One-of-a-kind. Hand built in the heart of the West.

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