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What About That New Branding?!

I'm sure most of you have seen my new branding by now. I wrote about it a little bit in my last post. Meg Harrop of Lemon & Birch did such a wonderful job of reading me, and my work, and incorporating that into images that perfectly represent me. You can see in the video that she hand drew the elements and put a lot of thought into my surroundings and inspiration.

First of all, Meg had me fill out an extensive questionnaire so she could determine the direction of my project. She created a mood board, right away, to which I requested the addition of green (of course I would!). I love the color palette. It's very calming and reminds me of woods and water.

Meg really considered what I wanted, which was for all of the elements to be a reflection of my work, and where I live. It's just so good! I live in Wyoming and there's a lot of influence from the outdoors: animals, weather, trees, mountains...etc. When we first moved here, we nicknamed our place "Lucky Pheasant Work Farm" because we had a lot of pheasants on our property, and a lot of work to do! We also have more than a dozen enormous cottonwood trees, and tons of deer, in our yard. I love that Meg used those images in my logo.

And the font...I'm completely smitten with it! Meg created it especially for me. I adore the moons and stars.

I requested logo work for the stone sale side of my business, as well. I'm so thrilled with the fact that Meg took inspiration from one of my Riverbed Rings. Those rings represent so much to me. They were my therapy when my brother died. So, it's just perfect.

The little saw whet owl is also tied in. We live on a creek and there are many owls on and around our property. It's been so fun to see them. We even had babies for a time, during the summer. Every night they made the most god-awful noises!

I really feel Meg's genius coming through all of this. If you have a need for her services, I don't hesitate to highly recommend her.


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