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2020 and then some

Whew...what a year 2020 turned out to be!

Well, well... I'm not even sure what more can be said about the year 2020. It's like some kind of gnarly, insistent beast that woke at the end of last year and has now taken on a life of it's own. I was going to give you a run down of what the beast brought to me but really, I can't even go there. It's been a struggle of a year for me, for many reasons. This isn't even counting covid-19, rioting, looting, wildfires and a crazy political season. As I write this, I'm laid up in bed, recovering from knee surgery. The good new is, I'm healing nicely (yes, in more ways than one) so far. (Thank you all for your kind wishes.) The questionable news is, 2020 is not over yet!

So, let me focus on the good that's happened in my tiny little micro-business. You all. You all have been such a huge support, and the reason I've been so successful doing the thing that I love, metalsmithing. I've really grown into the new space of my studio, here in the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. My studio has been my refuge and the last three years have allowed me to completely lean into the soul of my style. The quality of my creating has improved but, more importantly, the thought, and heart, and soul behind it all has matured and bloomed until each piece that I make takes on a new meaning. This is the thing we artists strive for. That un-namable quality that shines through our creations and allows others to see just a little of what we're all about, inside.

The good news is...there is good. There is always good. We just have to look for it, and fight for it. Just a little bit more of this beast of a year to go, my friends. Hang in there.


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